About ecosave

Our Mission

Problems Solving

Ecosave provides an e-marketplace that can significantly simplify business operations.

Our platform offers outstanding convenience by enabling businesses to easily connect with each other and search for specific engineering spare items through our system.

Reduce businesses' excessive unused spare items in their inventory

We believe most businesses acquire material, components, hardware, and other engineering items more than enough for their new projects.

Generally, after projects are completed, unused items are kept in the inventory store for a long time. This can lead to extra storage costs and depreciation in value due to its life span.

Disposing of it as waste or selling it as scrap is not a wise move from a financial standpoint.

Offer super-affordable items for urgent projects and long lead-time items

With our high-efficient systems provided, we can connect businesses to buy or sell their items in a short amount of time.

Project’s resource gathering will be extremely effortless. Freight costs also can be highly avoided along with low leading time.

Our Motivation

Our motivation is to create a circular economy with Ecosave to reduce the ENVIRONMENTAL Impact on production consumption, and waste.

As well as creating new opportunities such as:

  • Reducing waste and recycling resources
  • Increase economy opportunity by reselling and recover cost
  • Increase competitiveness by buying at low price
  • Increase resource productivity by putting unused items to good use
  • Improve resource security from alternative supply source
  • ‘Immediate Stocks’ – no waiting time

Ecosave Overview

: a Marketplace (B2B) for Industrial materials, parts and hardware in Singapore
Seller Overview
  • Project leftovers, spares and cancelled orders project items
  • High Storage cost
  • Low scrap prices
  • Expiring shelve life
  • Damage, corrosion, metal fatigue due to long storge
  • Requires resources to manage inventory
  • Depreciating value of stock over time
  • Reduced available cash flow
Buyer Overview
  • Urgently required items for project
  • Long lead-time items from manufacturer
  • Small quality order
  • High shipping cost
  • Looking for cost-saving
  • Looking for Ex-stocks
Site Overview

Seller – Only Ecosave-approved registered users allow post items for sale.

Buyer – Register users (Auto approval) can send enquiries for selected products

Non-registered users – Free to browse ecosave listings